Why neighbourhoods are so important

A neighbourhood is not only the place where we live, a growing amount of research suggests that neighbourhoods can have a significant impact on the healthy development of young children. Therefore, it is very important to understand what a neighbourhood looks like, and how it impacts the development of the young children who live there.

When information is reported at the neighbourhood level it provides an opportunity to create neighbourhood profiles, which can present various pieces of information at a level of analysis useful for planning. Neighbourhood profiles can help school boards, community agencies and organizations, and government with their local planning, by providing socio-economic, demographic, health and social data at a very meaningful geographic level.

Neighbourhood profiles allow communities to answer the basic questions of "what" and "where", and come together as a group and move forward to answer the question of "why". Meaningful discussion and solutions can occur when we have an answer to "why."

Niagara Neighbourhood mapping


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