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2016 Off to School Parent Resource Guide

2013 Community Integration Leaders (CIL) Project Final Report

2012 Children are Learning EYN October Brief

2012 Children are Healthy EYN May Brief

2012 Families are Strong, Stable and Connected EYN February Brief 

2011 EYNPC Community Forum Result

2011 Niagara's Online Parent Survey Summary

2011 Niagara's Online Parent Survey II Results Report

2009 Niagara Children's Charter Enacted Addendum

Educators Children Deserve Report*
*Please note:The Early Development Instrument (EDI) results reported in Chapter 3 and throughout the Children's Charter Enacted Report, were prior to the Ontario government establishing cut-points, the permanent set of scores used to see where children fall along the continuum from not ready to very ready in that area of their development, and compare between years. Hence, the EDI data presented within the report must be considered in light of this information.


CogecoTV News Coverage of the StoryWalk® Launch on National Child Day

  On Sunday, November 20th, Warner Ranch and Pumpkin Farm hosted the first StoryWalk® of th…

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2016 National Child Day Activities

Niagara Children’s Planning Council, with leadership provided through the Families are Strong, …

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